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Welcome to Caywood School of Karate


Caywood Members

NOTICE:  We are located at 659 Mimosa Drive

At Caywood School of Karate, we strive to teach traditional martial arts, but most importantly help every student trusted to our care to reach their full potential,  both in martial arts and their everyday walk. We offer programs for students as young as 4 years to as old as 100! Classes begin and end with courtesy and respect, and we accept nothing less than honest effort from our students.

Caywood School of Karate is a family owned and operated martial arts school specializing in Isshinryu Karate and building character. We are devoted to our students and focus on developing not only great martial artists but excellent people. We have classes for ages 3 and a half and up. If you would like more information feel free to check out our website, use our contact form, call, email, or stop by anytime.